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The Co-Ownership Agreement: What is it and How is it Useful?

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In today’s real estate market, with rising interest rates and stricter mortgage rules, it is becoming more and more difficult and unrealistic to afford a home using your own means alone. We have been noticing an increase in parents helping their children buy their first home by agreeing to co-sign on their mortgage and/or providing the bulk of the down-payment funds. There has also been a more pronounced need for adding people on title and on the mortgage in order to qualify for a mortgage or mortgage re-financing. More unique is the recent trend of real estate speed-dating events, where people can meet strangers interested in purchasing a home together by pooling their funds and credit scores; through this arrangement, each of them can finally break into the property market and start to build that tantalizing homeowner benefit: home equity.


Family Cottage Succession: Planning Considerations

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As many cottage owners will tell you, the personal, emotional and financial commitment involved in owning and maintaining a cottage property can be significant. Passing on such a cottage property to the next generation can also involve similar commitments and concerns. Without proper planning, the succession of a family cottage can become the basis for serious family disputes. Below we outline some important considerations and planning options for cottage succession that every cottage owner should know when partaking in such a succession process.


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