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Deposits on New Homes: Know Your Rights and the Risks

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Like in all agreements of purchase and sale ("APS") for real estate, buyers of new homes are required to provide a deposit or multiple deposits to secure the agreement and as an offer of confidence to the builder that the buyer is serious in completing the deal. The difference in providing deposits towards new homes versus resale homes is that deposits for new homes tend to be larger, especially when buying a pre-construction home. Because of this, and due to the increased risk of the buyer losing its deposit, the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act, administered by Tarion Warranty Corporation ("Tarion"), was created to protect these deposits, up to certain limits. 


What You Should Know Before Buying a New Home in Ontario

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Purchasing a new home is an exciting and enticing endeavour to many people in today's real estate market.  However, it involves complexities and considerations that significantly differ from the purchase of a resale home. The following are 10 factors to consider before purchasing your new home from a builder in Ontario.


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